CL Product Catalogue 2022-2023

CL Product Catalogue 2022-2023, positioned by VERONIKA, is all about colour. Emphasizing on the products’ substance, Cosmos Lac products become the focus of this year’s catalogue. A gradient book-edge, spray-painted with Cosmos Lac spray paints, is the first thing that captures the eye in a black and white cover. The direction is bold and fresh with use of intense typography, custom titles for each finish category (gloss, satin and matt). A catalogue inspired by the big and full forms of Cosmos Lac identity.

The content consists mainly of product images along with their colour palettes, which are framed by full-frame photographs of the sprays in use as a DIY spray painting prompt. In this year’s catalogue we celebrate Cosmos Lac brand identity, which is black and white, and it expands in every colour in between.



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