City of Warsaw identity

In the past Warsaw the capital city of Poland had used two logos. The first logo was based on the a catchphrase stating the admiration for the city. The second logo instead was represented by the traditional city crest. Both were based on the traditional symbol of Warsaw: the mermaid. The brand identity system was not clear enough in order to differentiate when to use which logo and caused a lot of misunderstandings.

Today the City of Warsaw has one main logo the new Warsaw Mermaid designed by Podpunkt studio. The studio wanted to memorise an inspiring female role model from Warsawa in their redesign containing the mermaide figure as its central element. This is where “Maria Skodowska-Curie” quickly came to mind. Podpunkt studio liked that the mermaid had also features of a woman known throughout the world for her passion and interests.


Credits: Emilka Bojaczyk / Podpunkt studio

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