Cindric Studio

A Bold Visual Identity for Architect Luka Cindri

Studio Size has recently designed the visual identity for Cindric Studio, founded by architect Luka Cindri. With a wealth of experience from esteemed global studios such as Fujimoto, Riegler Riewe, and 3LHD, where he contributed to award-winning projects, Luka has established his own design studio that’s making waves in the industry.

The visual identity crafted by Studio Size embodies the technical sophistication of architecture. Its minimalist aesthetic serves a functional purpose by highlighting the studio’s projects, which take center stage in most design materials. The vibrant blue color draws inspiration from vintage blueprints and symbolizes the studio’s use of cutting-edge technology. This bold color choice gives a sense of confidence and innovation, which is reinforced by the striking use of typography.

The A3-format project booklet is the central design material for Cindric Studio, for which Studio Size constructed a modular grid system. The booklet showcases the studio’s portfolio, and it is designed to be used as an integral part of their communication strategy. Its clean, uncluttered layout and minimal design elements perfectly showcase the studio’s technical expertise and innovative approach.

With a focus on technical excellence and innovative thinking, Cindric Studio’s visual identity reflects the values of the studio and its founder. The bold blue color and minimalist design speak to their approach to design, while the use of video brings the studio’s work to life. With this new visual identity in place, Cindric Studio is set to continue to make waves in the architecture industry and beyond.




Credits: Studio Size

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