Christmas boxes 2021

This project has arrived a little bit late, as it’s been a couple of weeks since Christmas. However, we don’t want to be even later this year to showcase Jordi Masdeu Studio‘s Christmas boxes. To get themselves in the Christmas spirit, they created a gift pack for each of their clients with a sweet surprise inside. What exactly is in these boxes? Only their beloved customers will find out.

In a collaboration with G.F.Smith – Ane store, Jordi Masdeu Studio put together 35 packs, each using a different color from the Colorplan colors range. Creatives wanted each box we sent out to be received as a personal gesture and deliver joy in color to this holiday season. Besides creating such beautiful and minimal packagings, the design team was in charge of the art direction of the project as well. 

The Christmas boxes stand out for their diverse palette. What’s better than choosing a surprise by picking your favorite color box? Effie Trinket would say: May the odds be ever in your favor. 

Additional credits
Photos: Enric Badrinas
Papers: G.F.Smith


Credits: Jordi Masdeu Studio

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