Casa Salazar

Casa Salazar, Designed by Fugitiva, is a testament to the transformative power of art. As an art dealer, Jorge Salazar founded Casa Salazar with the objective of bringing art closer to the people and making it more accessible. The design of Casa Salazar reflects its commitment to the appreciation of beauty, both in the traditional and contemporary forms of art.

The logo design of Casa Salazar is an avant-garde and provocative expression that captures the richness of artistic heritage. The logo’s delicate and organically shaped lines reflect the fluidity of art and the freedom of expression. The use of lowercase letters in the logo highlights the importance of preserving and respecting the traditional aspects of art.

Color is an essential element of Casa Salazar’s identity. The combination of yellow and black creates a vibrant, saturated, and energetic composition that represents the brand’s commitment to enlightenment and understanding. The use of yellow as a light resource and black as a blank canvas emphasises the brand’s commitment to using art as a tool for comprehension and truth. Casa Salazar’s branding design reflects its commitment to art as a transformative power that can enrich people’s lives. 


Credits: F u g i t i v a

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