We’ve seen tons of satisfying videos of people making charcuterie boards, arranging salami slices into roses, and the viral feta cheese pasta. So, today we’re featuring Capraestum, a branding project for a Goat Cheese Farm, Paestum-based. The creative mind behind its design is Isola, a colorful Visual Designer based in Milan.

At Agricola Azienda Francesco Voza, all their products come from buffalos or goats. They produce a wide variety of dairy items, such as yogurt, budinos, and of course, cheese of many kinds. The most traditional way to preserve cheese is by wrapping it with paper. So, to keep the tradition, Isola came up with a label design facilitating cheese fractioning.
The project revolves around the concept of cheese slicing. And the rounded cheese shape became the organizational ‘grid’ of this design. Typography-based, Isola managed to create a solid visual for and pretty classic style for Capraestum’s Goat Cheese Farm. The labels are typeset in Neue World and Gatwick, both designed by Pangram Pangram Foundry. Different kinds of cheese are not only easily recognized by their name but for their label color.

Isola is a freelancer, and her approach is both strategic and creative, quality and solutions-oriented. Her commitment is to best telling a brand’s story, transforming ideas into powerful visual experiences.
She has traveled to-and-froed over the world. That’s the reason why she started the project Buenaonda. Her biggest dream is to discover the rest of the world.
Her sparkling and colorful design is a way to express her love for life.

Additional credits
Photography: Estefania Zanetti
Set Design: Sarah Richiuso
Lighting: Veronica Brunori


Credits: Federica Marziale Iadevaia

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