Camerata Salzberg Identity

The Camerata Salzberg, a symphony and opera orchestra founded in 1952, reveal a new contemporary identity created by German design studio, Bruch—Idee&FormThe rebrand aims to reflect and communicate the renowned orchestra’s values while making them accessible to a wider public.


The logotype features a bold, all-caps sans-serif type and plays with a circular shape, which brings to mind the orchestra’s place in a concert hall and denotes a sense of openness and modernity.


The colour palette of deep royal blue, gold and white reflect both a timeless classical element as well as a punch of vibrancy and individuality, effectively setting them apart from your typical classical orchestra.


Despite the bold colour pairing, the new branding maintains a clean and minimal style, with the intent of highlighting and celebrating their talented musicians as well as allowing their highly-respected music venues and compositions to take centre stage.

Credits: Bruch—Idee&Form

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