Camden Market branding

Ragged Edge embraced the anarchic spirit of Camden to create a brand with an unshakeable commitment to originality. With over 10 million visitors a year, Camden Market is the fourth most popular visitor attraction in London. But its owners had bigger ideas. They asked the studio to define and create a brand that would re-energise the market, making it relevant to a new generation of millennials.Ragged Edge immersed themselves in the market, speaking to over 100 different stakeholders. From stall-holders, residents, workers and tourists, right through to the CEO, they were united by a common enemy. Conformity. Camden Market’s relentless commitment to originality and stubborn refusal to follow trends led us to a powerful brand idea: Unfollow Convention. A call to action as relevant to the Snapchat generation as it is to the market’s entrepreneurial heritage. It was never about a logo. Instead, the studio set out to infuse the market’s irrepressible spirit across everything it touched. Taking inspiration from the iconic Camden Lock sign nearby, the studio designed two bespoke typefaces: Camden Slab and Camden Sans. They give the market a distinctive voice, removing the need to plaster the logo everywhere. Each typeface has a range of weights, allowing the brand to speak to all sorts of audiences whilst remaining distinctively ‘Camden’. Instead of a strict brand system, Ragged Edge created a set of tools to help people express the market’s tenacious spirit. A black and white colour palette to cut through the clutter. An unorthodox pattern made from the negative space in the typeface. And a brand frame to bring it all together.


Credits: Ragged Edge

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