Café Azul Talavera

Beautiful branding done by Anagrama for Café Azul, a café-restaurant, both located in Mexico.

Baring the classic atmosphere of the street side cafes, Café Azul Talavera stands out as one of the best café-restaurants in Puebla. It also incorporates one of the city’s most cherished cultural treasures, the talavera.
As well as the studio’s last project, Café Azul Talavera is also incorporated into the Rosewood hotel in Puebla. The whole Rosewood project is really interested in showcasing the local cultural zeitgeist.
Anagrama designed the essence for this project with a strong influence from the traditional Mexican talavera art in the region. A wide array of well-distributed patterns in blue, golden and white foil embodies this idea and sets the right tone.
The Logo functions as a sibling to the one for Lavaderos creating a congruent relationship within the overall Rosewood Hotel project.
It is in its little details, like the overlaid text that this logo stands out on its own.
The whole brand exercise is also presented on the simple cardboard and paper packaging, allowing a more minimal and current aesthetic feel complement the composition.

Written by:
Thiago Santarém


Credits: Anagrama

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