2021 brought tons of 2000s aesthetics; not only do we witness this in fashion, but all over social media, photographs have that vintage look.
Adriana Mora and Abelardo Cervantes designed ByElectra, a playful and dynamic site that generates that interacts with the user. Can you recall your MySpace username? ‘Cause we’re digging deep.

Taking inspiration from the web interface design of the early 2000’s designers came up with a playful and dynamic site that generates that interacts with the user. Abelardo and Adriana were inspired by the illustrator Mariano Pascual’s website. They created this website using Adobe Muse. “No, I don’t know how to program, and this is not advertising; Adobe discontinued this application in 2018 because no one was using it, but me in 2014 when I was designing websites for local coffee shops.”, she says. The proper and unique way to navigate the site is to close the pop-up windows like we all used to do 20 years ago.
The main objective was to present a portfolio with the main clients and brands both designers have worked with. Plus, to facilitate the work of the producers within the advertising and design agencies that are in charge of recruiting designers like them to work with international brands instead of focusing on traditional clients. Designers developed simplified versions of the site for tablets and phones. Although, the interactive site is designed primarily for desktop use.

All in all, after feeling a bit nostalgic and remembering the good old days, it feels good to be back with a fast internet connection LOL. We’re excited about ByElectra’s aesthetics and how they were perfectly reproduced, combining it with the designers’ style.


Credits: Adriana Mora & Abelardo Cervantes

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