Buffet Summer17 Clothing

With the current collection Buffet tried to experiment with their most popular and iconic styles, but still wanted to deliver authentic collection with Buffet’s signature aesthetics. Summer17 collection reflects how they would picture an ideal summer wardrobe for sophisticated men and women. Buffet sourced the most genuine Italian fabrics we could find on the market, to design a collection which the company believe will make hers and his everyday life more enjoyable and beautiful. Dedicated to their vision, Buffet keeps looking for a well-balanced tone between everyday-wear and designer clothes in a modern way. The new collection also marks a bold milestone for Buffet as it is the first holistic project made by their entirely new team of artists and designers which Buffet were trying to put under one roof for two years. See  the video here. The company is super stoked to see bright colors of future even more clearly from people formerly working on projects such as Maison Desillusion, NEHERA and AnnSofieBACK.

Credits: Buffet Clothing

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