BrAuN Gin

Last summer, gin tonic was the drink of the season, and its legacy is still alive. We love how versatile a simple combination of tonic water and this bitter beverage can turn out, from the classic with lemon or cucumber to some exotic ones with passion fruit or blueberries. Today, we’re showcasing a gin brand with unconventional background, BrAuN’s gin visual identity, and packaging design. You’ll witness chemistry in the air Braun’s family traditions and Ismo® Design‘s work for granted. 

Braun’s family story begins about 500 years ago when English alchemists shouted “eureka!” when adding juniper to an alcoholic mixture. BrAuN emerged from this heritage, which unites chemistry and distillery. Through this mixture, father and son created a high-quality gin worthy of their ancestors.
Chemistry, distillery, and family tradition are this brand’s territories. Elements of the periodic table are present in the logo – Br, for Bromine, Au, for Gold, and N for Nitrogen. Also, in the details of BrAuN Gin’s packaging. We can find a wonderful texture on the label’s lateral side that makes the design pop with this playful element. Plus, it represents what we can see of chemical reactions under a microscope.
A metallic touch gives the packaging a feeling that a chemical reaction is happening at the moment, applied with gold hot stamping! In addition, the shape of the bottle resembles chemical glassware commonly used by apothecaries in the past, reinforcing the storytelling.

BrAuN’s overall appearance becomes an extension of the brand’s experience, which intends to provoke human connections between people who share sensations and memories around a high-quality drink. We’re in love with how the visual identity came up. And the fancy aesthetic Ismo studio managed to pull out for the art direction. Let’s raise your glass and check out BrAuN Gin’s beautiful project.


Credits: Ismo® Design

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