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Brandpad is our new favorite when it comes to creating brand guidelines. With Brandpad, design studios and brand owners can standardize their brand deliveries from creation to sharing and usage, all in one dedicated place in the cloud. The platform is accessible for everyone involved and is beautifully designed by you. Brandpad is not just a tool, it's a canvas and a laboratory for designers to create strong, conceptual, and functional brand guidelines that can live and prosper.

Brandpad was born out of a collective of creatives who faced growing challenges with static brand guidelines that didn't get used and identities being locked in an inflexible format. In early 2017, they set out to create a solution that would allow brands to live and prosper with dedicated platforms for visual identities. And thus, Brandpad was born. Since then, Brandpad has evolved and established itself as a leading authority on brand guidelines, constantly innovating and introducing new and exciting features to their platform.

To ensure the best experience for users, Brandpad's identity is subtle and neutral, allowing other identities to shine. It's a brand platform that provides a space for designers to showcase their work and help brands thrive. With Brandpad, creatives can spend more time on their creative work, knowing that their brand guidelines are well taken care of. But there is more...

17.04 2023

Pin - The new standard for brands

Brandpad's Bespoke plan is the ultimate solution for designers and agencies who want to take their brand guidelines to the next level. With this platform, users can customize everything from the aesthetics to the functionalities of their guidelines system. And the best part? The Bespoke plan comes with brand analytics, custom templates, permission-controlled partner accounts, additional collaborative tools, and digitization services of existing guidelines.

This feature allows Brandpad to transform static PDF guidelines into a fully optimized system that is easily distributed. Design studios can now create their own solutions for delivering digital brand guidelines to clients without wasting time. With the Bespoke plan, a studio can get its own system with its own identity, providing a unique and personalized solution.

But it's not just agencies that can benefit from the Bespoke plan. More and more brands are using it for employee branding and efficiency. The Bespoke plan's ability to offer custom features and integrations makes it a truly personalized solution. With Brandpad's Bespoke plan, you can expect to receive service that goes beyond your expectations, bringing good business and great brands together. The possibilities are truly endless with Brandpad's Bespoke plan. BAM (Brand Activation Management) features, design-to-print deployment and approval flows, among others, is also part of the Brandpad Bespoke offering. 

As Creative Director Nicklas Haslestad explains, Brandpad's brand was designed with the notion of seclusion, order and precision, making it a canvas for other brands to shine and prosper. That has been our motto all along. Brandpad is basically about elevating designers and studios all over the world. 

We often hear about design studios that are looking to create their own in-house solutions for delivering digital brand guidelines to clients, but it's a time-consuming process and is rarely realized. With the Brandpad Bespoke, a studio can get its own system with its own identity, providing a custom brand guidelines software for everyone, he adds.

Brandpad is a game-changer for design studios and brand owners who want to streamline their brand deliveries. With its customizable features and easy-to-use platform, Brandpad is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to create, share, and maintain brand guidelines. Sign up today and experience the power of Brandpad for yourself.

Credits: Brandpad

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