Brandpad kickback programme

Not too long ago we introduced you to Brandpad, the premier digital platform for brand guidelines catering to designers, agencies, and brands. Today, Brandpad is taking its commitment to enhancing studio experiences to new heights with its innovative offerings: The kickback programme! The idea is simple and straightforward: For any clients or brands that you onboard to Brandpad’s Bespoke or Brand Management plan, Brandpad will give you 15% of their annual payments back.

Whether you are a small studio or large design agency, Brandpad offers invaluable solutions for efficient brand, client, and guideline management for every size –  even with its standard plans. Taking this a step further, the Bespoke plan, a fully customizable white-label solution, elevates Brandpad's multi-faceted capabilities even more. Established players in the design industry, including Pentagram, Interbrand or Scandinavian Design Group, as well as renowned brands have already harnessed the power of Bespoke's supplementary features and functionalities.

23.08 2023

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Brandpad is the ultimate solution for designers and agencies who want to take their brand guidelines to the next level. With this platform, users can customize everything from the aesthetics to the functionalities of their guidelines system. And the best part? The Bespoke plan comes with brand analytics, custom templates, permission-controlled partner accounts, additional collaborative tools, and digitization services of existing guidelines.

We already broke down all the enhanced features of Bespoke with its wide spectrum of flexibilities in our previous article. As a refresher: Bespoke offers personalised URLs and domains to comprehensive 'studio branding' and meticulous aesthetic control. Furthermore, the plan encompasses profound brand analytics, partner accounts with controlled permissions, collaborative tools, custom templates, and a service to digitise existing guidelines. All these are in addition to the already impressive array of features provided by Brandpad.


Customize everything with Brandpad Bespoke

Now back to their new kickback programme: Embarking on a groundbreaking journey within the industry, Brandpad is giving back to the industry and their loyal customers. Kickback is a distinctive initiative that not only enriches studios but also monetizes their efforts. For any clients or brands that you onboard to Brandpad or Bespoke, Brandpad will give you 15% of their annual payments back. Brandpad is sticking to their vision to support designers in achieving more stable income models. So how does it work? Simply get in touch for a fun demo — and everything will be sorted out.


Bespoke offers personalised URLs and domains to comprehensive 'studio branding'

Moreover, the kickback programme is ongoing. The benefit operates as long as the client remains a part of the service, eliminating any requirements for studios to repeatedly sign up. This ensures that you continue to reap benefits from the brands that you bring into the platform. If you haven't yet, sign up to experience Brandpad's capabilities either with Bespoke or their free Starter plan and embark on a journey of enhanced design and brand management

Credits: Brandpad

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