Branding & Packaging for Kiro Beauty

Pari Purohit designed Branding & Packaging for Kiro Beauty. The brief was to create a brand for makeup that would bridge the gap that existed between makeup that is high-impact and make up that won’t harm you. It was observed that most brands that existed out there swung to one extreme of natural or the other of being completely pigmented, high fashion (aka. toxic). One of the questions that became the springboard for the thinking was “Why should makeup that’s good for you, gentle and kind, be boring and unglamorous.” The beauty consumer had access to much more information today than ever before. Kiro’s primary consumer was more self actualized, owned her preferences, and took pride in her choices. Moreover, they were shopping online, so trials were impossible, and the choices were immense. The team had managed to create the perfect balance of efficacy and natural, but now we needed to bust the perception that makeup that’s natural is ineffective, and unfashionable.


Credits: Pari Purohit

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