Bowi Glam Croquettes

We couldn’t think of a better way to end the weekend than ordering or going out for some comfort food. Today, we’re presenting Bowi, a brand for glamorous croquettes. The owners grew up listening to David Bowie and eating croquettes. Bowi is their tribute to those who cooked them with all their love. The brand identity was in charge of Blavet Studio‘s creative minds. 

Bowi was looking for a juvenile and fun aesthetic, as well as they wanted to elevate the croquette’s concept. The base is a high-quality product, made in a small workshop, honoring the people who prepared them. So, Blavet designers came up with a happy style, following some of this 2021’s trends. The use of a pastel color palette and some vintage hints all over the branding design. Smiley faces are today’s order.
Glam Croquettes are even more than gourmet, and Bowi approaches a young audience following another trend, incorporating a bold, irregular font with plenty of funky vibes. Have you noticed that design and fashion are equally vibing? From our perception, they really do 😉

The overall branding design for Bowi is on point; we’re already salivating for those Glam croquettes. Its approach and register are both friendly and casual, which rapidly identifies with youngsters. And with us too, because we’re already ordering some comfort food. 

Additional credits
Photography + Set design: Bacon Studio


Credits: Blavet Studio

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