Botânica – Community Garden

In the urban environment of Porto, emerges an initiative committed to the well-being of the community and the environment. Botânica is a community garden with a fresh, ecological and sustainable design that serves to learn, grow food and connect with our neighbours.

With the purpose of promoting sustainable agriculture, environmental education and the general welfare of the community, this project aims to create a green space where local residents can connect with nature, learn horticulture and contribute to the sustainable development of their environment.

Botânica’s visual identity designed by  Chezarit Mattie is a celebration of local flora and the biodiversity that characterises it. Its graphic elements reflect the fluidity and vitality of nature, while its visual simplicity conveys a message of accessibility and inclusiveness. The colours chosen are a palette of vivid greens, oranges and earthy tones that evoke the serenity and vitality of the space.

Botânica is more than a community garden; it is a unique opportunity to unite art and nature in favor of a greener and more sustainable world. As a graphic designer, and part of this community, I feel privileged to contribute to this inspiring project by creating a visual identity that reflects its essence and its positive impact on the community.


Credits: Chezarit Mattie

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