BOJIE’s Art Direction & Design was done by Lilly Friedeberg & Alessia Sistori alias Designstudio B.O.B. in collaboration with Lena Cramer & Johanna Dahmer alias AbracradamaBOJIE is a fashion label from Hawaii which sells conscious women’s clothing with a bohemian touch. Its spirit is alive, forward, free, vibrant and flowing – it expresses the female in all forms.

They created a warm and expressive corporate identity concept combining abstract shapes with the thin lines of an elegant typography and a minimalistic icon. The icon shows a woman’s face in a very abstract way, inspired by expressionist art from the 20s century. The woman is wearing a crown, which is a reference to the client’s name “Sara Queen” and gives a personal touch to the brand.

The icon can be used as a logo, but also as an additional graphical element. A highly recognizable characteristic of this design is the color palette. The range of different shades of red and beige gives an earthy feeling to the brand.


Credits: Designstudio B.O.B. in collaboration with Abracradama

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