Bluebeat stands as a network of drum training centers that stands apart from conventional drum instruction. What sets it apart is its cutting-edge teaching approach, enabling students to rapidly acquire drumming proficiency. At the core of Bluebeat’s teaching philosophy lies a dedication to professionalism and practicality, catering to drum enthusiasts spanning various skill levels.

The brainchild behind Bluebeat’s distinct brand identity is the accomplished Chinese Art Director, Min Hui Hu. With a stroke of creative brilliance, Min Hui Hu conjured up a brand image that is both unassuming and striking. Central to this visual identity is a captivating, deep blue hue that exudes an air of eccentricity. This iconic shade not only captures attention but also symbolizes the depth and resonance of drumming, alluding to the profound musical journey that students embark upon.

Complementing this unique color palette are illustrative drum graphics, which add an artistic and educational touch to the brand’s visual identity. These graphics serve as a testament to Bluebeat’s commitment to not only imparting drumming skills but also fostering an appreciation for the artistry behind the instrument.

Bluebeat is not your run-of-the-mill drum school. It’s a dynamic hub for drumming enthusiasts, where innovation meets tradition, and where the profound beauty of drumming is unveiled through a distinctive blend of teaching excellence and artistic ingenuity.


Credits: Min Hui Hu

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