Blue Agori Food Bar

David Barath Design designed Blue Agori Food Bar. The owners of the Greek food bar, opened in Budapest in 2018, wanted their identity to be minimalistic, modern, clearly visible in very busy Madách square where it is located, quickly recognizable on the packaging materials – and definitely not containing any stereotypical Greek motifs. As one of the owners is Greek, and the name of the restaurant means “blue boy”, they designed an identity that combines a striking blue colour with an abstract version of Greek portraits known from antique art. The simplified version of the logo works also as a pattern on different surfaces, so they could use them on teaser posters and to highlight selected items on the menu card. Since we started designing well before the construction has begun, we had the possibility to highlight some elements of the identity in the interior as well: in addition to the blue color that deliberately dominates the somewhat industrial interior, the designers suggested and designed a tiled wall based on the logo’s pattern, which is now is the main decorative element of the interior.


Credits: David Barath Design

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