Black Fridye

To add some mess to the already messy end of the year, we shall not forget about Black Friday’s craziness. But we are not going mad today, as we’re showcasing a branding and digital design that crosses Black Fridye’s path with For Good Design Lab. Black Fridye is hijacking Black Friday to lead a sustainable fashion movement. We worked with Black Fridye to design a brand and website that helps everyone make an impact.

By 2030, the fashion industry is projected to output 15% of all global carbon emissions. And two-thirds of clothes made every year end up in landfills within 12 months, not sustainable at all. The biggest thing we can all do to solve this problem is: to wear the clothes we already own longer.
By redying your clothes, Black Fridye makes it easy for you to love them longer (and do your bit for Mother Earth in the process). Did you know? We can reduce the carbon footprint of the clothes we already own by 30% by wearing them for an extra nine months!

The anti-Black Friday brand identity 

The brand identity is built on the idea of hijacking black Friday to give it a new (and more sustainable) meaning. All sales language and design around this time of year look the same, don’t you agree? 50% off this. 50% off that. We took this existing aesthetic and flipped it on its head. The recycled feel of the brand perfectly represents Black Fridye’s attitude and product offering.


Credits: For Good Design Lab

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