Betti Berutto Branding

Don’t you love spending your time sightseeing shop windows all day long? Those improvised walks, usually during the weekend, where you aren’t expecting anything at all, and suddenly it seems like a highlight from above illuminates a random object you need to own for that space in your kitchen. Well, those shops are the ones we are referring to, and Betti Berutto will be the protagonist for today’s branding work.

From Mexico, we’re featuring Betti Berutto, a brand that creates home goods characterized by extraordinary quality and careful design. It offers pieces that are the starting point for the creation of spaces that evoke peace and inspiration. Vvorkroom‘s studio developed Betti Berutto’s creative concept, branding, and packaging design. Their graphic interpretation speaks to the places and textures that inspire them to find the perfect balance through typography, color, and graphics to create a brand that connotes a superior understanding of aesthetics without being intimidating.
To achieve the balance, Vvorkroom designed a monogram formed by the brand’s initials. The use of an almost cursive stroke countered it with a very bold, unadorned logotype and supporting typography. This result reminds the whole team of the warmth and subtle elegance of a Mediterranean landscape. We wish to transport there and enjoy a couple of days near the beautiful landscapes.

All in all, the results Vvorkroom came up with Betti Berutto’s visual identity are more than stunning. The minimal aesthetic designers managed to reveal for this retail brand is super elegant yet modern. And we’re fascinated by the dim green color choice contrasting with an ultra-clean white tone.



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