Team. Union. Movement. Are the inspiration taken by Sonia Castillo Studio to create a stunning concept development and visual identity for Bepro, a high-performance sports talent management company that supports them throughout their professional career to achieve their best self and achieve all their goals.
The logo and graphics are built from dynamic forms that are representative of the movement of sports. Magnifying the typography used, we may be able to appreciate some subtle details that make this logo distinctive and that it has a lot of work done behind it. At the same time, the identity is enhanced with playful and vibrant colors, based on the most representative colors of the playing fields, which accompany athletes and become part of their lives, both in their failures and their successes.

Sonia Castillo Studio is a graphic design and creative direction studio, founded in 2014, based in Madrid, and working worldwide. The studio works across a wide range of disciplines. With a clear minimalist and formal style, has focused on the conceptualization and creation of integrated solutions that seek the functionality and uniqueness of each project through timeless graphic solutions


Credits: Sonia Castillo Studio

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