Becoming, positioned by Fugitiva, an architecture and interior design studio based in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, has established a strong identity that embodies the studio’s values of evolution and innovation. To achieve this, the brand identity was formed by using smooth and organic lines that convey a sense of constant transformation. The logo was designed using the Archivo font, a narrow and geometric typeface that complements the minimalist aesthetic of the studio’s art and architecture.

The color palette of the Becoming brand is comprised of grey tones and a green accent. The varying shades of grey give balance and space to the composition, while the green provides a pop of color that draws attention and highlights important elements. Together, the colors form a cohesive and timeless design that will stand the test of time.

Becoming offers a range of services, including branding design and social media management. The studio’s expertise in architecture and interior design is evident in their branding work, which showcases their ability to create compelling and modern concepts. Their social media management services help businesses build a strong online presence and engage with their audience. Overall, Becoming is a dynamic studio that is dedicated to helping their clients evolve and innovate in their respective industries.



Credits: Fugitiva

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