Beauvoir Bourse

Not only a bold typography is the essence of today’s project but praising boldness when designing. Beauvoir Creative Agency has been supporting aspiring graphic designers more officially through its Beauvoir prize since 2010. Every year, it’s awarded to the senior student who presents the most impressive portfolio.
To mark the achievement, a limited series of silkscreened posters are produced, along with a customized handmade trophy. For 2019, they focused on key elements of the creative process: taking risks, overcoming doubt, and creating with audacity.

Featuring fun animations is how their posters come to life. They played with widening the already bold type font and dancing letters. Another of these 2021 most relatable trends. They are avant-garde  Another main feature is the balance among components, the dark bold typography, and a light thin stroke one that counteracts the dim composition. A dark color palette is predominant, however, the off-white tone balances the project.

Creative and strategic. Beauvoir Creative Agency is the craftsmen of your projects, of ideation to the production. They help visionaries shape and spread their ideas. From memorable creative platforms to crafted videos, fine logos, and clever interfaces, they propel stories that inspire and shape the future.


Credits: Beauvoir Creative Agency

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