Beanstory Packaging

Beanstory, the brainchild of bean aficionados, is no ordinary subscription service. It’s a flavorful journey designed to reconnect you with your food, its origins, and the impact of your daily choices. Picture this: nine delectable bean varieties, thoughtfully sourced from organic farms across the US. But there’s a twist – the packaging had to be bold and adaptable for future bean surprises. That’s where blok, the ingenious design studio, stepped in.

They whipped up a custom typeface inspired by the graceful contours of a bean and the iconic letter “B.” It’s an unmistakable mark that’s as unique as your favorite bean recipe. But here’s the fun part: it’s a canvas for endless creativity. Think of it as Beanstory’s secret sauce, giving them room to play and stay true to themselves.

So, what’s Beanstory all about? It’s not just beans; it’s a culinary adventure that celebrates every bite. With blok’s slick design work, Beanstory transforms beans into a narrative-driven experience. It’s like they’re saying, “Hey, slow down, savor the moment, and let’s enjoy this bean-tastic ride together!”


Credits: Blok Design

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