Baugeld Spezialisten Branding

Munich-based studio Moby Digg were commissioned to completely redefine Baugeld Spezialisten‘s brand identity for their home financing corporation. Baugeld Spezialisten aims to bring the idea of a person’s ‘dream home’ to reality, by focusing not only on the financial hurdles, but also on the human and emotional perspective. Moby Digg extracted the most important features of the brand’s vision, creating a concept for a visual identity that would embody the company. The final result is a beautifully minimal, monochrome design with a highly flexible identity system that can easily be adapted to any new or existing format. The geometric logo is inspired by this combination of rational and emotional perspectives. The square acts as a frame, the circle as the ‘focus’ and the perspective as the human point-of-view. Combined together they form a grid, and therefore build a bridge to the conception of many ideas: The drawing-pad.


Credits: Moby Digg

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