Battle Cancer

Battle Cancer, positioned by Land of Plenty, is a fitness movement that inspires, supports and unites those affected by cancer. In 2022, they launched a 3-year partnership with global sportswear heavyweight Nike, who brought Land of Plenty on board to rethink their brand identity.

Working closely with the Battle Cancer team through a series of workshops, it became apparent that striking a balance between the intense athleticism of functional fitness and the supportive nature of fundraising events was key. Battle Cancer embodies positivity and resilience and the impact of both its fundraising events and its charitable organisation resonates worldwide. This empowering spirit led to the brands new core thought, Radiating impact.

Upon laying these foundations, Land of Plenty set to work creating a visual world that reflects this core thought. With the Battle Cancer shield at its heart, a radiating pattern forms an integral part of the identity. This is accompanied by a vivid, high-impact colour palette and a bold, approachable typographic language, providing powerful building blocks for a brand that frequently finds itself taking over large-scale event spaces as much as it does the digital arena.

In addition to the identity creation, Land of Plenty was heavily involved in the rollout of the brand, from environmental graphics to the merchandise sold at events and online to increase brand recognition. They created a range of t-shirts in partnership with Nike, bringing the newly defined visual and verbal language to the fore. Beyond the tees, they also designed a system for creating individual event patches a popular souvenir for competing participants.


Credits: Land of Plenty

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