Barnas is an innovative brand specializing in organic salsa brava. The company aims to provide a high-quality alternative to traditional salsa brava options. Their illustration treatment captures the sauces essence with vibrant and lively visuals, evoking enthusiasm and playfulness. The brand designed by Fabrizio Morra uses expressive typography, a soft and rounded old-style serif font, to add elegance and warmth to its visual communication. Barnas is known for its organic, young, colorful, and fresh image, emphasizing the use of fresh and natural ingredients. Their taglines, Sauce Brings Gloss and We Take Sauce Very Seriously, highlight the transformative power of their salsa brava and their dedication to delivering a remarkable culinary experience. Overall, Barnas embodies the spirit of organic, flavorful, and exciting salsa brava, standing out as a brand that offers a refreshing and enjoyable option for food enthusiasts seeking organic and flavorful choices.


Credits: Fabrizio Morra

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