Maxwell Billings, Brand Designer and Founding Partner at EightySeven, designed the identity and branding for Bar Chido. Bar Chido, is a new restaurant concept with a “local cantina” brand that you’d expect to see in major cities, but located in the growing Chicago suburbs. To bring this concept to life, Bar Chido chose the award-winning branding studio, EightySeven as their partner to design their visual identity and brand experience.

In addition to the bright pastel color palette and hand-drawn logos that reflect the craftmanship behind their handmade cocktails and dishes, EightySeven also helped develop Bar Chido’s loveable cartoon donkey mascot, Senor Chido. This unique brand identity was paired with thoughtful and unique interior choices designed to optimize the space for the post-pandemic restaurant experience in 2021 and beyond. The result is a brand that invites guests in, a space that keeps them safe, and a hospitable experience that keeps people coming back for more.


Credits: Maxwell Billings

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