Bakehouse Identity

Today, we’re traveling East to Hong Kong to showcase a rebranding project. We bet you have a favorite bakeshop. However, these shops aren’t likely to be remembered by their name but for their exquisite goods. Dustin Holmes went to the Asian country to help Kith&Kin studio to recreate Bakehouse’s, a local and legendary bakery, new visual identity. 

In the beginning, Dustin helped to create a new logo mark which implicated many decisions about updating the colors, type, packaging, and photography. Also, he came up with a series of illustrations to form part of the visual identity, including the packaging, merchandise, uniforms, menus, and social media assets.
Bakehouse was looking for a timeless “icon” that could grow to be recognizable without the bakery’s name present. Creatives received inspiration from the iconic brick facade from their Wan Chai branch; to create a bricked B logo mark. To further solidify the logo concept, they later discovered that fresh boules of sourdough bread are known as brique, the french word for brick. So, the logo went through some polishing to add a twist and more energy to the letterforms. The same energy brand owners had at the heart when deciding to rebrand.
Previously all the menus had been designed in the same format and with very little difference between the different sections. Now, menus are invigorated and distinguishable through alterations of form, color, and clear labeling.  

At the end of 2020, the rebrand launched in tandem with Bakehouse’s newest location opening in SOHO, Central Hong Kong. We love branding projects linked to an architectural feature, which carries the brand’s essence. And we believe there are tons of stories that aren’t left behind. So, let’s enjoy this work with our favorite pastry or some toasts 🙂


Credits: Dustin Holmes

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