B . H . Embroidery Identity

Beautiful identity for B . H . Embroidery in Australia, created by Mildred & Duck, in Melbourne.

B . H . Embroidery is a 20 year old family-run embroidery and customization business, committed to high-end quality and meticulous detailing. Mildred & Duck were engaged to create a new identity for B . H . Embroidery to reflect their position at the forefront of progress and technology in the embroidery industry. The resulting brand is timeless with a corporate sensibility, honouring the contemporary side of the business whilst remaining grounded in their history. In application, the identity becomes a contemporary take on the traditional customization of garments using owner’s initials, an effect achieved using a combination of letterpress and blind letterpress finishes to reduce the identity down to its abbreviated form.

Written by:
Thiago Santarém


Credits: Mildred & Duck

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