Awesome Coffee

Awesome Coffee, positioned by Cherry Bomb Creative Co, is a Plant-Based Protein Coffee powder that not only gives you the caffeine boost you need but also provides you with essential nutrients to keep you going throughout the day. The use of all-natural, clean ingredients ensures that the product is not only healthy but also safe to consume.

For Awesome, Cherry Bomb Creative Co. designed a complete brand ecosystem, ranging from graphic identity design, creation of an illustrated world for the brand, packaging design (Pouch bags and Welcome Kit), to UI/UX design.

The design of Awesome Coffee reflects the product’s essence. The use of bright colors, playful illustrations, and friendly typography creates a brand personality that’s approachable and welcoming. The packaging design is also a standout feature, with the use of pouch bags and welcome kits that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The entire brand ecosystem was carefully crafted to appeal to health-conscious individuals who value clean living and good design.


Credits: Cherry Bomb Creative Co.

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