Aubrey Janelle Photography Branding

Aubrey Janelle’s photography  is evocative of the human spirit and she aims to create intriguing narratives with imagery.

Aubrey’s branding needed to engage with her high-end client market, yet still feel grounded and approachable. There are whispers of the arcane in her submarks and icons and the typography for the brand features a sans serif font with carefully crafted line weights that make it unique. The color story is decidedly earthy with rich, warm tones balanced by sage and fog.

SITU provided the following:
– strategic branding (including creative direction, target market + competition research, synthesized Brand Book)
– graphic design (including primary logo, secondary logos, submarks, and favicons)
– website design (including header design, favicon design, front-end design, UX, SEO)

In order to set intentions and create a narrative for the Design Direction, they began some world building.

Working with Aubrey Janelle Photography is akin to experiencing a high-mountain sauna retreat that overlooks a lake surrounded by an enchanting forest. It’s inviting, luxurious, and holds the promise of adventure. Clients spend a good amount of money to be there and are not disappointed due to the white glove treatment they receive, along with the singular atmosphere and visual beauty. Everything is considered: the tiled floors are heated, diffusers with calming essential oils discreetly scent the air, and the beautifully branded signage around the facility is perfectly placed so they’re never asking where to go next.


Credits: Agency: SITU creative. Designer: Zoe Cope

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