Atypical Coffee

Today, we’re traveling to Vietnam’s capital city, Saigon. This design also features our favorite and most showcased beverage, coffee. But what’s most characteristic of this project is the cultural and urban imprint. We’re featuring Atypical Coffee branding design. The studio behind this incredible design is Behalf, a tiny creative hideout of giant thinkers and a well-kept secret.

Atypical is a specialty coffee roastery based in Saigon. The company offers retail and wholesale coffee products. Both of them combine selected local and imported flavors with a meticulous, high-quality brewing method. Their main product is the cold brews, aptly named Atypical Dose. It offers a wide range of flavors and blends, named after neighborhoods of Saigon, for people with all kinds of tastes and preferences.
The visual identity combines the rawness of Saigon street culture with the refinement of the brand’s product. The facade of the city was Atypical’s main design inspiration. It features a custom typeface inspired by the iconic “Khoan cắt bê-tông” or Concrete drillers, vandalism.

Photographic images of the walls found across Saigon become the main feature of the branding and packaging design. The brand brings something familiar yet, upon closer inspection, utterly peculiar.
For the cold brew packaging, Behalf Studio features iconic walls from the neighborhoods. And each variety is named after them honoring the story behind them. Another aim is to bring the city closer to its drinkers. Each label design transforms into a series of mixed collage labels that speaks to each fragmented perception of the city.

All in all, it’s the perfect balance between the sophisticated and handcrafted product with Saigon’s most urban and popular feature. We’re amazed by the concept of ripped paper we’ve all witnessed on the streets, but this goes far beyond.


Credits: Behalf Studio

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