So, after a forgettable 2020, Alvaro Arnaiz was in charge of the visual identity of an urban festival in Pamplona-Iruña. ATRAPA-2, the festival’s name, means trapped in Spanish. The festival was born as a response to the cultural crisis that existed during the COVID-19 pandemic. A year in which we have felt trapped, and now we want to be trapped by dance, music, illustration, graffiti.

Tired or not about the pandemic theme, it’s something that we all share as humans, even though the sceneries might have varied as we don’t share the same circumstances. But we can assure that the feeling of being trapped was. Under this idea, the logo, messages, and images are trapped within the forms of urban culture. Unlike lockdown itself, the identity is full of vibrant colors that pop up immensely with the concrete grey color of the streets. 

Bold typography and hype colors are what identifies this branding design the most. So, let’s enjoy these days’ freedom and be grateful for every opportunity we catch from life! 

Additional credits
Animations: Álvaro Melgosa



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