Architects Soini & Horto branding

Architects Soini & Horto is a Helsinki based architectural firm, working towards built environments that combine functional, technical and commercial qualities within a sustainable design process. The new visual identity designed for them reflects their attention to detail and strong focus on materials. AS&H offers a diverse range of services including urban design, property development, energy strategies, land-use planning, construction design and management, hotel and leisure time buildings, housing and special needs housing, rehabilitation, interior design and workplace design. With the design and development of Tripla*, AS&H has become an active partner in the new development of the Pasila area in Helsinki, which aims to be the new city centre by 2020. *Tripla is Pasila’s new centre which will connect Eastern and Western Pasila, as well as the future Southern tower area and apartment blocks in the North. Architectural and main design. PasilaOne competition entry was made in co-operation with OMA architects, Holland.


Credits: Piëtke Visser & Kuudes Kerros

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