Aplo crypto-broker identity

Aplo is an EU-licensed crypto-broker offering professional investors away to digital assets for the first time. GoodLove partnered with them to develop a name, visual identity, and personality that married credibility and sophistication with the allure of new opportunities. At the heart of the brand is the idea that they provide unrivaled access to the crypto universe, which is brought to life throughout their identity with the visual metaphor of a portal. The hero image visualizes the portal itself in a nondescript land surrounded by mysterious objects. The new logo is inspired by offset reflections, and hints at the idea of two connected worlds. The visual identity is designed with an inherent sense of duality that speaks to both the old investment world and the new about sophistication and adventure. It’s evident in the type pairings, the balance of a monochrome palette with a shimmering gradient, and the brand’s graphic elements.


Credits: GoodLove

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