Antwerp Art Weekend

Antwerp Art Weekend is a citywide manifestation for contemporary art in Antwerp, where art venues in and around the city join forces to celebrate and promote contemporary art as a valuable and essential part of society. The Antwerp Art Weekend is the best way to experience the city’s flourishing art scene, with a plethora of galleries, art spaces and museums to discover. The identity designed by Vrints-Kolsteren is a great example of a living brand identity system that evolves over time, specifically from 2017-2023. The branding is based on dynamic lines that make the words AA (Antwerp Art) and AAW (Antwerp Art Weekend). These lines are used to build a dynamic system that scales to different sizes and forms to emphasise the supportive quality that Antwerp Art provides towards these institutes.

Antwerp Art connects and promotes the activities by its vibrant contemporary art scene, ranging from renowned museums and galleries, to project spaces, the artist-in-residence program, two prominent art schools, the Kunsthal and young, upcoming artist initiatives, by listing relevant exhibitions and organizing the annual Antwerp Art Weekend.


Credits: Vrints Kolsteren

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