Angular is an architecture firm that blends the rigor and meticulousness inherent to a serious company with a fresh and simple approach that sets it apart.

Nevada Projects took into their hands to incorporate Angular’s visual identity with the essence that drives their projects, reflecting innate elegance, without excess, and emphasizing functionality and lasting impact.

At the core of the identity lies modern industrialism. The logo, created from scratch, embodies simplicity and elegance, supported by a functional system that is clear and attractive. This straightforward design captures the values and visual attributes that characterize Angular.

The logo, shaped with a timeless and contemporary perspective, emerges from geometry, blending organic and angular forms into a harmonious convergence. Its iconography, rich in symbolism, conveys dynamism, centrality, and balance, while embodying the pillars that sustain the studio: culture, design, and technology.


Credits: Nevada Projects

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