An honour to Geishas

Jay Liu designed An honour to Geishas – a colorful project designed to honour the Japanese culture. What we love about this project is how colors, shapes and drawings are placed in order to create different patterns, which, combined with handrawn strokes, give these series of illustrations a beautiful termination.

In Japan, young women spend up to 6 years studying the arts of music, dance, tea ceremony, and language to become a Geisha. However, numbers have since dwindled as this performance art risks the fate of passing into history.

To honour this unique Japanese culture, 12 distinctive chopsticks wrapper designs are developed to commemorate this respectable profession. Utilising a paper construct with a circular die-cut at its tip, the idea of these wrapper design comes to life when the chopsticks are placed into the holder, forming the face of a Geisha through the use of negative space.

Every wrapper design is intricately crafted, drawing inspiration from traditional Japanese kimonos. Modern motifs are juxtaposed over classic oriental patterns—symbolising the rejuvenation of this noted and distinguished path.


Credits: Jay Liu

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