Amanda Louisi Branding

Not so long ago, we have featured a Top 10 about personal visual identity. Today we’re showcasing Amanda Louisi branding project she had created with a friend’s help, a type designer Thiago Bellotti. Amanda stopped identifying with her old style after 13 years of professional experience on brand identity.

She has worked on her personal, old monogram many times and rethought it many more. As her working style became more mature, Amanda needed a timeless and flexible design. Thiago Bellotti’s support came for changing the monogram’s appearance. He developed a varying logo and made this branding come back to life.
The monogram’s most innovative feature is that by being variable recognition was not sacrificed. He played with the stroke’s width and with Amanda’s initials in a cursive and authentic way. Plus, he made it in an organized way, inside a defined structure, so if she can customize it as she pleases.

She couldn’t be happier with Thiago’s final result, and to launch her new branding design also, she created a new color palette with which she identifies the most. Amanda’s typography choice emulates the one designed by her friend to coexist in the same work. Now pleased with her new visual universe, Amanda feels the new branding responds to her values, style, and experience.


Credits: Amanda Louisi & Thiago Bellotti

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