Amalgam 3

Amalgam, noun: a mixture or blend. On this occasion, we are showcasing Pouya Ahmadi Amalgam’s third edition of the independent journal that Ahmadi designs, directs, and publishes, released in summer 2021. Amalgam is an ad hoc transdisciplinary and transnational journal that explores the intersection of typography, language, and the visual arts.

Inspired by his writings, Pouya enjoys the making-process of this mixture of disciplines. As a graphic designer, he understands the logic behind being influences by the context in which every project is born. In a black and white project where the relevant thing is the message rather than the aesthetic or trends, Ahmadi’s configuration depends on the interest and urgency of the content and how it’s best to explain it. Let’s say, generally randomly. Amalgam’s main topic is to develop how typographies intersect every discipline and their effect on communication, making graphic design borders blur even more. All in all, this is our invitation to scroll down and take a look at this incredible design.

Pouya Ahmadi is a graphic designer, art director, and educator. Ahmadi was educated in Iran and Switzerland and developed an international professional practice that focuses on identities, printed matter, and publications for cultural institutions. At the same time, he cultivated an independent practice, exploring and interrogating modernism in design, particularly its critical histories and contemporary prospects for decolonization. Ahmadi presented a wide range of independent and professional works in many venues and schools. Also, he gained recognition from Graphic Design Festival Scotland, Golden Bee International Design Biennial, Dubai Design Week, among others.


Credits: Pouya Ahmadi

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