Algo Figma Video Plug-in

Algo introduces a Figma plug-in & managed service to help design teams create unlimited on-brand videos inside a tool they’re already familiar with.

Creating videos is complicated. Only a few designers within organizations have animation in their skillset. Those who do are often swamped with mundane, repetitive tasks delegated by the entire organization. Does this feel like you or someone on your team?

Algo, a data-visualization studio specializing in video automation, might have the solution. They introduced a figma plug-in & managed service that gives every designer in the team a chance to become a video professional.

No matter if your company has a Motion Identity (or not) the Algo team will work as an extension of your team to build your Motion System inside Figma.
After setup, everyone (literally everyone) on your team will be able to create unlimited on-brand videos, inside a tool they’re already familiar with (figma). Think about video cards, titles, simple data visualizations, intros & outros, social media columns.

By simply editing any detail (like texts, colors, images) in figma as you would do on a static design — you get a video instantly previewed, with the ability to add music and export in one click. Here is a quick video demo to see all its capabilities.

You can even select multiple animated modules and combine them together into a unique video each time. Setup can be as short as two weeks, and the Algo team can be re-engaged anytime for updates and improvements on your tailor made templates. The plug-in lets you export videos as MP4, GIF, WebM and even Lottie. is an international creative studio with a focus on motion design, data visualization and video automation, specialized in building dashboards that turn data into videos, at scale. They work with innovative startups as well as big companies such as Bloomberg, The New York Times, Ferrero and MSF.



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