Let’s transport somewhere peaceful and full of greenery. Find a big tree and sit under its abundant foliage. After spending some time there, you realize it’s a walnut tree, and you start cracking and eating its fruits. Albural is one of the vastest pecan orchards being built in México. The orchard was built from the ground up by a family with deep-rooted values and a stronger work ethic. The creative minds behind this project are from Firmalt studio.

As part of their family legacy, Albural is meant to last through many generations, so Firmalt created a brand that would endure with it. The family is a central concept in the identity, being the reason why the brand mark serves as a symbol for both the family tree and the Pecan trees within the orchard. Designers created different patterns inspired by the different shapes of the pecan shells, which assemble in stacks to give the brand a playful and lighter feel.
The result is a recognizable, timeless brand with a unique visual system that communicates the story of a strong family and would serve as the start of a great legacy. Its warm, friendly and fresh approach makes its identity different from others in its industry, featuring a unique color palette, btw we’re in love with it 🙂

Firmalt is a design team that helps bold ideas take shape. Their brand’s design and digital experiences get their clients lots of attention, love, and profits. Their co-creation methodology enables companies to get involved in the creative process. Ideas are set with high standards to help improve their customers’ businesses.


Credits: Firmalt Agency

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