Akchurin New York Book

Saturday night, and we’re getting a sophisticated vibe from Akchurin design by Comence Studio editorial design. We think of their work as the petit robe noir every woman has in her closet, but for an architect’s library. Akchurin New York High-Tech Sustainable Factory-Built Engineered Properties Witness cutting edge inventions and designs combined with innovative engineering and intelligent home system technology that revolutionize the way we build and live.

In its 512 pages, the book contains illustrations, detailed explanations, and technical diagrams that tell the future generation of green architecture, self-sufficient building, and real estate investing concepts. This limited edition includes a complete approach of the building process from design concept to finished property, which revolutionized to be efficient, environmentally responsible, convenient, and sustainable.
Its design resembles what a fashion icon looks like, all in black and some shiny details for some extra glow. As a limited collection, this book overcomes quality standards. Plus, its presentation and art direction are stunning. The lighting and the sensitivity the photographer had when editing the images are magnificent; the way the lights bring to life the hardcover book and the soft silver glances seem to dance. 

All in all, Akchurin’s appearance is worthy of being exhibited at the very front of the bookshelves. Or it could even have its own private space to be displayed.

Additional credits
Project editor: Marie Bernard
Photo and video production: Daniil Zherdev


Credits: Comence Studio

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