Akasha Brewing

What is better than finishing the weekend with a cold refreshing pint? From Australia, we receive the invitation to do so with Ashaka Brewing. Sydney’s Akasha Brewing – a highly-awarded independent brewery from the kangaroo island – needed a new take on their brand and design. To resolve this new identity issue, they asked for Vincent Casey‘s talent.

In the crowded craft beer market, they sought a stronger sense of cohesion to Akasha Brewing’s brand identity across their range. It consists of core beers and limited seasonal releases. But that’s the challenge, right? To think of a brand’s capacity to adapt and still be recognizable as such.
A new logo, consisting of an impactful hop and triangle motif, was created to accompany a direct and immediate wordmark. Combined with a more tightly focused brand story, refined new packaging, and a highly functional website. The result is a sophisticated brand, more appropriately aligned with the premium end of the market Akasha occupies.
We are fascinated by both regular and limited brewery packaging designs. The first one has a very clean imprint and a pale monochrome color palette. Whereas the second one directly communicates what’s the brew about not only with its name but with its background image.

Working alongside a brand strategist and copywriter, Brendan MacCallum, the Akasha branding and packaging has contributed towards a considerable and growing uptick in sales since the September 2020 rollout. This led to significantly greater brand awareness among beer drinkers. So, if you hadn’t had a glorious can of beer, this is our invitation to open one and start the week in a great way 🙂

Design/Brand Strategy – Vincent Casey
Copywriting/Brand Strategy – Brendan McCallum
Website Development – Greengraphics
Taproom Fabrication – Timbermill


Credits: Akasha Brewing

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