Affirm — Illustration system

Nowadays, we have a wide variety of nice icons in our pockets. And we’ve seen a thousand more online. Today we’re showcasing the icons that shape the whimsical world of illo imagined for fintech company Affirm. This system includes colorful illustrations and funky animations to personalized icons, fabulous objects, or relatable characters; everything becomes possible.

The Italian creative studio was responsible for expanding the brand’s visual identity into a world bursting with color and possibility, mixing simple, yet vibrant shapes with outsized elements and a great variety of characters. The result? 145 illustrations, 50 icons & 222 functional icons shape.
Diversity and inclusion are at the heart of this illustration system. The studio aimed to represent a wide range of many people – from different skin colors to body shapes, multiple genders, or gender-neutral. There’s something for everybody in the Affirm universe. Exaggerated poses add a dynamic feel to the characters, underlining gestures or movements that stand out with a personal touch.
Unity in this diversity. The studio created guidelines to help define the Affirm look and feel in the long term. For example, while there’s plenty of room to play with details, some proportions remain unchanged, creating a sense of coherence throughout the entire illustration system.

Personalized icons add an extra touch to the visual identity, playing with a limited palette and obtaining the best of both worlds: colorful diversity and design coherence. Small outline details and quirky elements blend with full shapes and pastel hues to bring the most out of the Affirm essentials.
A playful note is added by the use of one of Affirm’s distinctive logo elements as the perfect pattern for some of the characters’ outfits, mixing vibrant looks with the brand’s unique touch.

Covering a wide range of both static and animated visuals,’s illustration system stands out as an example of bold, imaginative design perfectly in tune with the very values that define a brand’s visual identity. is an Italian design studio with a focus on motion design, illustration, and set design, aiming for a minimal and colorful aesthetic with clear storytelling.


Credits: illo

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