N-E has designed the MAGABOOK ADG LAUS 2021 as a reflection of our time. Therefore, the creative team has rethought the format from its foundation.

The MAGABOOK project divides into two publications: The book and the magazine. The publications are treated as a long timeline, like parchment or ticket. In this way, we break the classic structure of the book by eliminating covers; the content is cut at the bottom of the page and continues on the next one seamlessly. The pages reflect a routine in which every day is the same and, in turn, different.

The link between the physical and digital worlds is especially reflected in the ADG LAUS AWARDS BOOK 2021. For the first time, the book presents the winning projects without images.

Next to the information of each winner, a QR code appears. ADG LAUS AWARDS BOOK 2021’s QR code is the nexus between the physical part and the digital. Being faithful to the will of reflecting N-E’s time, they have created an Instagram account where the images of all the winners appear. In this way, the reader can interact with the publication: comment on it, share it, or save it as a reference.


Credits: N-E

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