Adam Reed London Brand Identity

The beginning of the day is crucial as it mostly predetermines our mood for the rest of it. Sometimes we’re influenced by simple things. We thought of three that would give us a bumpy start to the day, like running out of coffee, stepping into a puddle of water, or even a bad hair day. 

Today, we have a solution to the last inconvenience. When award-winning hairstylist Adam Reed set out on his brand, he approached HereAfter to create the visual identity for his new venture. Inspired by traditional Victorian salons where guests gathered under the roof of an inspiring host and Adam’s highly creative work for fashion catwalk shows, HereAfter created a positioning for the new brand – CREATIVELY CURIOUS. CURIOUSLY CREATIVE.

To announce the opening of the new salon, the launch campaign celebrates Adam’s signature styling with a cast of unique models. All in all, we wish all the best to Adam Reed’s new brand. And we want to congratulate HereAfter for its incredible concept for branding. And if you need some help on a bad hair day and find yourself in London, don’t hesitate to make an appointment with Adam.


Credits: HereAfter

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